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Home Improvement Services. Guaranteed


Not matter the project, Handyman Dan can provide simple and cost-effective solutions for homes of any size! Below are just a few of the pleas we have received from our customers and the solutions we've implemented for them!


Please Help Us Get Our Home More Organized!


Not a problem! Handyman Dan is on top of all your organizational needs. Our expert installers can add shelves and other organizational projects to any room, from utility room to closet. An on-site walk through will determine your areas of need and the proper solution to each problem. With professionally installed closet organizers, shelving units, and other custom items, we can help you tackle your chore list and keep it under control!


Here are just a few of the improvements we can make



Handyman Dan can do wonders with this space! Additional handrails, added stairs, wall hook units, and shelving can clear away toys, bikes, garden equipment and more.

Workshop & Office

Cluttered workshop or office holding up your own projects? Handyman Dan can eliminate it with installed shelving, custom cabinetry, and other organizational projects.


Finished or unfinished, basement organization is Handyman Dan's specialty. Custom shelving and cabinets can clear up any clutter, while kitchen, bar, or bathroom installations can segment the space into clearer definitions!

Laundry & Utility Room

At Handyman Dan, we come up with creative and space saving solutions to make doing laundry a little bit easier. You can count on us to create shelving and counter space that is useful and cost-effective.

Outdoor Organization

Having a clear and organized backyard means better entertaining in the summer and safer play conditions for the kids. Handyman Dan's outdoor organization methods range from storage shed building/installation and patio furniture assembly.

Have a custom organizational project in mind? Contact Handyman Dan to get it taken care of today!


We're Not Sure What It Is...It Just Needs Something New


We get it. Rooms lose luster. Cabinets begin to look old. Ceiling fixtures seem dowdy. No matter what it is, the trained eyes of the Handyman Dan team can identify, fix, and add beauty and value to however many are on your list!


Here are just a few of the improvements we can make


Interior & Exterior Painting & Drywall Services

Sometimes all a room needs is a change of paint or wallpaper. Other times, the holes of nails and other hanging fixtures need covering. Sometimes a room needs a wall...or needs to lose one! The experts at Handyman Dan can color match, prime, paint, and seal in brilliant coats of color for any home, as well as tear down or re-drywall a new project.

Crown Molding & Wainscoting

Add style and value to any room in your home with custom crown molding or wainscoting. No matter your home's architectural design—from ornate to traditional, or more modernized sleek moldings, Handyman Dan's expert team of carpenters can help.

New Countertops & Fixtures

Adding in granite countertops or cabinetry can make a huge improvement to any room, especially when it's your bathroom or kitchen. Handyman Dan can recommend and install the most attractive and modern options in your home for an affordable price.

New Floors, Carpets, or Tiles

Sometimes carpets can look old. Maybe wood floors would better match the furniture. No matter the reason, Handyman Dan has got the solution. Our flooring experts can install hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, parquet, vinyl and linoleum floors.

Have a custom project in mind? Contact Handyman Dan to get it taken care of today!


Holiday & Seasonal Decorations


Don't sweat it! The holiday season can be stressful, but don't let decorating get in the way of your time with family and friends! Handyman Dan can execute beautiful interior and exterior decorating projects to update and modernize any home.

As for seasonal maintenance, Handyman Dan has also got your covered. From fascia & soffit repair to gutter guard installation, our team can make sure that your home is adequately prepared for every season!


We Want to Make Our Home More Eco-Friendly


Great; let's get started! At Handyman Dan, we are committed to practicing sustainable and responsible service. This is across the board: big project or small, we will always aim to do right by your home and the environment. The following home improvement tips and tricks are ways to jumpstart your home’s renovations in a way that is eco-friendly and saves energy!